Rolls-Royce Ghost: Ticket to the highest company

It was like this. As part of your daily routine, you are preparing photos for an exclusive trip, pausing to pause for a moment over the picture of the world's most luxurious limousines, captured in Bratislava, a few hours later, the phone rings, and a few days later you are getting one of the keys. Somehow, an ordinary man becomes an occasional millionaire.

Rolls-Royce Ghost: Ticket to the highest company
Rolls-Royce Ghost: Ticket to the highest company

The story goes on. Everybody, in the spirit of exclusivity, was preceded by a personal breakfast with Frank Tiemann himself, a representative of the British aristocratic brand for Europe, who dedicated us to the world of the automotive dump.

During an enjoyable conversation, Frank heard that Rolls-Royce did not go into a smaller, marketing-oriented model than the Wraith, but the rumors of the upcoming SUV were confirmed, but we will wait for that year, and last but not least, admit that Rolls are not the most modern design or technological fads and remain faithful to the traditions that make them unique cars.

I could go on with the backstage information, but you are interested in something else. Let's move on to what you have opened an article to, to the purple noble, which steadily stood out from behind the window during the morning meeting.

So Rolls-Royce Ghost, to be precise, formally spiced up with Series II, which in established terminology reports it's a unique, facelifted version. In the presence of decent upgrades and an expanded range of individualization, the world showed itself at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014, and since we know that this British car manufacturer has gone under the wing of BMW since 1998, it is home importer has allowed us to get closer to this modernization. What the wealthiest people of the planet enjoy enjoying and enjoying their sips.

Don't expect a test in the real sense of the word, rather a sensation, for a vehicle with a price tag of more than $ 8 million is most irrelevant to an ordinary mortal indicator, and indeed, the vast majority of us can only dream about Ghost.

I admit that the Spirit has really successfully crept into my dreams a few days before his takeover, for the notion that the next day you will be the king of the roads will not let you fall asleep just before it really happens.

Maybe I got too carried away, but Rolls-Royce is still an epitome of the most magnificent luxury and, moreover, the backs are bravely covered by traditions, thanks to which it occupies the automobile ceiling.

I start the dimensions - 5399 x 1948 x 1550 mm speaks for everything. For comparison, the S-Class Long measures only 5246 millimeters in length, more than 15 centimeters less than the Ghost, reminiscent of the necessary, standard wheelbase.

Not even the wheelbase, which counts on 3295 millimeters, is losing ground. The paradox is that 5.4 meters in length are one of the most beautiful things they have at Goodwood.

Here, however, the ridicule of the size or attribute of "Baby Rolls-Royce" is by no means considered, preferably the smallest limousine performs incredibly grandly and majestically. Ghost entered the scene as a cheaper and more compact alternative to the great Phantom, and it is the exterior that makes it feel the most - it's no longer the church on wheels, as famously called to his bigger brother.

Above all, they are relatively round shapes, which have been "humanized" to a great extent, and somehow masking the large dimensions and weight of 2.5 tonnes. It will do a lot of shade and the chosen configuration, and our specimen was a clear example.

The brilliant purple lacquer added a very youthful and trendy undertone to the overall pomposity and definitely revived the Spirit. Literally.

What's more, it would be Rolls if he didn't have an extraordinarily high-quality aluminum hood and a grill mask that, combined with a coarse window frame, creates a beautiful color combination.

Fancy 21 "polished discs with the double 5-spoke design are just the icing on the cake. Of course, with the center of the body color and the twin Rope, which is never upside down due to the use of balancing bodies.

As I wrote above about stealing glances, especially the Ghost configured in this way is the world champion. It's exciting to watch it around.

But this does not look at you with envious eyes or the interviewer's murderous gaze, how much you have stolen. Instead, you are witnesses of beautiful smiles and friendly gestures, suggesting enthusiasm (it is questionable whether there was respect for British brands). It can be a credit, or if you want a brand name that goes hand in hand with a purely aristocratic curve.

Phantom had already set them up in 2003, and virtually today, the individual brand models keep it unchanged, and even Ghost does not resist long-established design direction and traditions. Thus, the traditional advantages of Rolls-Royce are ubiquitous, and even last year's facelift has not changed much. Indeed, as Frank Tiemann himself said, radical changes are not also their goal, because it is this design that makes the vehicles of this brand unique.

Yet we still record excellent retouching - the new front bumper with a modified shape is complemented by chrome strips or finely cut headlights, which now offer full-LED technology. However, we can more or less conclude that the front parts counting with the rudder belt of the rudder, the size of the radiator mask and the telescopic Spirit of Ecstasy sometimes called Emily have remained unchanged.

At the back, the design just fades away in a rather dull way. On the sides, we can find chrome-plated lights and a pair of massive tailpipes. By the way, do you notice their solution? On the Internet, a bag of discussers has ripped off the Internet lately, who are angry at the "foul exhausts" of news, but they have been here for years, and no one is addressing them. And do you know why? For here it is holy, this is Rolls-Royce.

The greatest fascination comes after the spectacular opening of a pair of massive doors, behind which another world begins, and your opulent aura blinds your feelings. The hallmark of luxury and aristocratic elements, surrounded by snow-white leather from below, is grounded by a black floor and four inches of course and soft sheepskin rugs that are competent for this purpose, or a two-piece panoramic roof that gives airiness to the entire pomposity. After closer examination and focusing on the massive dashboard, you find that everything is here entirely, but completely different - otherwise arranged, otherwise controlled and actually overall differently though. At some point, you are very lost, because the controls are not so much, but scattered everywhere, and even after a day of riding, you can't get rid of the feeling that finding what you need is art. The exterior looks long for years and minus equally, yet it is still modern, but the interior is a clear example of the fact that time passes slower at Goodwood, is true to traditions and is not subject to the latest trends.

The interior atmosphere is overseen by 4-zone air conditioning, the safety of which is maintained by a lashing system, a safety distance monitoring feature, a head-up display and night vision. However, this is virtually everything, do not expect any hi-tech gadgets, but they did not find a place despite the given price range. And they probably never will. Forget the large digital alarm clocks, climate change temperature displays, or some touch joysticks and similar modern times.

This is not what Rolls plays, and Ghost is no exception. Instead, behind a large steering wheel, you'll find a straightforward triple alarm clock. Especially the left one, which represents the Power Reserve, is eye to eye after a more in-depth examination.

The different understanding of priorities clearly suggests internal processing - multi-layered glossy black piano wood decors spread over an area of ​​about 3 square meters, consist of more than twenty parts and their layers are protected by several layers. Of course, handicrafts. Furthermore, we have pity that in some places, only in the form of imitation plastic. The chosen specification, however, added an unusually modern look to the aristocracy and men's habits of the brand.

Controlling lights require attention with its own distinctive panel, as well as buttons for switching 360-degree cameras or activating the Hold function with their right-hand drive position. Climate control is based on four atypical rotary controls - the top pair regulates its power while the bottom temperature.

Apropo, the 10.25 "display dominates the deck, which initially conceals its origins by using a different look, but after a while, it shows that it is hiding the infotainment from BMW, or the old well-known iDrive. 7, but in addition to the multimedia interface, a handful of buttons and details in the interior, you don't have a chance to notice it, and in the end, Ghost is not just the "overwrapped" seventh, as the experts will say, but rather just some technology solutions. The multimedia system is built on another equally impressive composite controller in the middle of a massive center tunnel, some of the buttons in its vicinity, including those below the center ventilators, are made of clear glass that has a finely minted touch.

We shuffle and move to the back where we get through the big doors, the weight of which they always know about when opening them. Fortunately, you can press the button to close them from the inside in the presence of a significant style. And with a happy smile to settle into one of a pair of individual comfortable chairs. The seat is undoubtedly excellent, the feet to give away, though yes, in the Extended Wheelbase version it would be the right one. But if I am, to be honest, in such Maybach, the chairs are not fixed, and you can position them later and experience more comfort. In other words, the position of the seats here either suits you or not, there is nothing in between, or nothing more can be achieved.

The rear lounge features full folding tables and a central armrest where the rear pair of screens are located. There are also several cabinets and storage areas, where an additional personal specification can be fitted with a minibar, bottle holders and bottle racks and the like. The interior is dotted with umbrellas in the front door, the price of the average Slovak salary is ready, company central watches, and several lights, lamps, and ambient backlighting, among other things.

Pleasant surprise occurs after starting. A spectacular twelve-cylinder engine with a capacity of 6.6 liters, 420 kW / 570 hp and low torque of 780 N.m., is under the aluminum hood. You say that it will be a proper wilderness, but in the interior of a quiet ride, an incredibly refined engine is not absolutely heard. I dare say that he can be described as one of the quietest twelve warriors in the world. When you think about it, in a car of this kind, it probably won't surprise you in the end. Ghost is by no means a sports or fun ride, but smooth sailing. However, when you push the accelerator pedal to the floor, the front will rise and on the forehead with the statuette at the end of the endless bonnet, you will literally roll like an icebreaker. At this point, you will be surprised by the briskness, and if you learn that the 2.5-ton Ghost will give you a hundred in 4.9 seconds, you will remain silent for a moment. The speedometer pointer rises really fast and can be driven up to 250 km / h if necessary. With sharp cornering, you feel that the 8-speed gearbox sends power exclusively to the rear wheels, which have no problem leaving the tread pattern on the asphalt.

However, behind the wheel of Ghost, I do not have the urge to hurry or crazy. Instead, you enjoy a truly comfortable ride and how the car overlooks unevenness as it floats and how you rock on the road. The "classic" Ghost is essential to note that, unlike its extended version and mainly Phantom, it is not a luxury carriage, in which you judge a person behind the wheel only on a paid messenger, the driver. As Frank Tiemann himself told us, the owners of Ghost are mostly driving themselves, which is one of the significant differences compared to the rest of the brand's limousines, in which the owner exclusively reserves the back box. Therefore, in a certain sense, we can call the "short" Ghost a "driving" car, because the owner can enjoy his charm entirely even behind the wheel. There is an atmosphere that you will probably not experience in any other vehicle. You sit quite high, almost like in a bigger SUV, which gives you a really great view from the car, even though you feel like being in an armored transporter thanks to the high side pontoons. After reaching the steering wheel, you will find that it is actually even more significant than it does, but working with it is unexpectedly light, which is due to the considerably re-steered steering.

However, driving a 5.4-meter colossus with a massive wheelbase is definitely not a buggy, you have to drive into the corners and forget the overweight and the long-sleek bonnet, which demands much more space than you are used to. At higher speeds on extra-urban roadblocks, robustness claims to be spoken by frequent fluctuations and the fact that you create more air resistance than your cabinet in the living room. Therefore, it is not necessary to underestimate the control of this luxury yacht.

The fact that this British limousine is incredibly sound-proofed is especially useful if you are occupying the back seats and need to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and soothing music of dozens of speakers. Even the unfortunate Slovak roads do not disturb you thanks to the perfect chassis, so you often forget that you are sitting in a car and not in your private plane. However, you get closer to it with consumption, because in the city Ghost for his services bravely over 20 liters of gasoline, and you do not know how. With a quiet driving style, however, within a long-term average, it can perform well below 15 l / 100 km.