Not only Samsung and Huawei, but also Apple. A folding phone from California can surprise competitors.

The mobile industry is waiting for changes, which will also cost California's apple. What do we know about his expected puzzle?

After all, the assumptions of the experts were fulfilled. The mobile industry dominated another big trend this year,, and Californian apple will soon be succumbing to it. For giants such as Samsung or Huawei, then another renowned consumer electronics manufacturer will come. So what can be expected of the upcoming folding phone from Apple's workshop?

A unique puzzle from California

Not only Samsung and Huawei, but also Apple. A folding phone from California can surprise competitors.
Not only Samsung and Huawei but also Apple. A folding phone from California can surprise competitors.

The fact that Apple is working on a folding piece has been revealed by a recently published patent. Of course, because we are talking about one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers, something like that could be expected from him sooner or later. However, this leak of information has confirmed it even unofficially.

So what is it about? It is a patent of a specially developed layer that was created to protect the so-called flexible display panel from physical damage. But the most exciting thing is that the user will be able to bend the display from both sides, not just one. And yet, no competitor from the mobile industry offers this.

As the PhoneArena server writes, the available information mentions a combination of two essential materials. Accordingly, flexible protection should consist of a combination of polymer and so-called pigment flakes. The display surface can be applied in several ways, including spray and three-dimensional printing. Choosing a manufacturer will only depend on the cost/quality ratio.

As far as imaging technology is concerned, Apple's engineers have no doubts about the ever-popular OLED solution. This, compared to the classic LCD, offers better imaging features, including considerably better energy management, because when it displays black, it disables pixels at that location. This saves energy, and, among other things, we see a more realistic color.

But the question is, how do engineers fight with the elimination of traditional selfie cameras, headphones, and sensors present. The cut should be a thing of the past this year, so the manufacturer can expect a more modern alternative. Xiaomi used the so-called piezoelectric technology to develop the timeless Mi MIX model, which oscillates the design of the smartphone and allows the user to hear the other party without having conventional hardware at his ear.

Mate X and Galaxy Fold together
Thanks to another well-known apple patent, we got to the possible form of a folding structure. And not just one. It should also be pointed out that this patent application came to light in 2014. The assignment took place two years later, and the content was updated earlier this year, says The Verge.

The first form represents a design that reminds a combination of competing Android models Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold. Because of the above-mentioned protective layer, the smartphone could be bent in both directions. And it follows that the display can cover both the outside and inside of the body. Thus, the user can conceal the flexible panel, watch the movie on a large diagonal, or chat with one hand only. Handy and practical.

The second form of patent design is a bit more interesting, but also very special. It does not consist of two interconnected parts, but of up to three, which in case of non-use of the smartphone fold into one pile. In this way, although we reduce the dimensions, it is, on the other hand, to consider a substantially higher thickness of the device. A similar solution would probably be appreciated, especially by ladies who like handbags. I can't imagine anything like that in my pants pocket.

Chipset A13 or something special?
Apple's folding phone seems to be driving the generational successor of last year's A12 Bionic chipset. A similar route went to both Huawei and Samsung. The Mate X model has top-of-the-line Kirin 980 and Galaxy Fold in its bowels to change the Snapdragon 855 from the American company Qualcomm, replacing last year's Snapdragon 845 chipset.

Nevertheless, it can still be assumed that the apple will develop a particular version for folding pieces and mark it with an additional letter. A similar step has been taken for hi-tech tablets for professionals called iPad Pro. Instead of A12, their computing power is the old version of the A12X with more cores and more transistors. However, it is especially important for users to have more powerful hardware at their disposal.

Moreover, as we have grown accustomed to over the years, the combination of Apple chipsets and its precisely tuned operating system can deliver better results than benchmark competition from the benchmark of applications. So far, none of the high-end Androids have been able to beat the latest generation of iOS devices through numbers. Just look at the current results from the popular AnTuTu benchmark. An exception should not be the impatiently awaited piece from California.

And what about price and availability?

Considering the Samsung Galaxy Fold or Mate X competing price list from Huawei, which came to light in February, including Apple's pricing strategy, you need to get a good deal of money. The folding iPhone can cost a potential buyer around 64,000 crowns. And no fun.

The performance can be expected from the event, when we know the generational successors of last year's iPhone XS and iPhone XR, or during September. Two giants from the mobile industry have already pulled their aces out. Now it's the last of the dreaded trio. The chance of seeing this year is enormous this time.