How to add links to Instagram stories without having 10,000 followers

The ability to add a link to your Instagram stories is desirable, but the social network does not want you to be able to do so unless you have 10,000 followers or a verified account. The reason is logical, avoid sending users out of it. But there is a little trick to achieve it through IGTV.

How to add links to Instagram stories without having 10,000 followers
How to add links to Instagram stories without having 10,000 followers

Adding external links to your stories through IGTV

As we have said, through IGTV, you will be able to add a link that will take your followers to any URL or content that you have created outside of Instagram. For example, a link to an article or the last video of your Youtube channel.

Without being the ideal solution, the best option is the native one that Instagram offers when you meet their requirements, it can be something more comfortable or competent than other solutions like a link. So we show you another way to do it and you value which one convinces you the most.

Use IGTV to link external content.

The first thing you should do is create a video in the vertical format of about 10 or 15 seconds. It can be more if you want, but with that time it should be more than enough. Next, place some text and indicator similar to the one in the image.

The idea is to indicate to the user that he must do TAP at the top. There the title of the video will appear and when you click on it, in the description, the URL to which you want to point.

When you have uploaded the video to IGTV, you will have to place a title and description. As we said before, in title use something like "Tap here or tap tap here" and in the story, enter the destination URL.

Once you have posted the video on IGTV, go back to Instagram and let him publish a new story. Place the image, record video, or whatever you decide, and when everything is ready, at the top, you should see an icon with two links of chains. If you press, you will know that it allows you to add one of your IGTV videos.

Select the one you have uploaded last (or for the first time) and accept. At the bottom of your story will appear, once published, the option to go to IGTV to see the content. To reinforce the message, add a sticker with "Swipe Up" or similar. This facilitates the user with how he should interact. Ready, you have it.

Now, when you see your story, when you scroll up, it will open the IGTV video. When you click on the title, the URL will appear, and once you click on it, the external link will open with the content you are interested in showing.

As you can see, it is not the ideal solution, but it is a good trick until you have the option to link natively.