Google says goodbye to the business of tablets with Chrome OS

Google has announced that they are abandoning the manufacture of tablets. No more trying to compete with what Apple or Microsoft offers with their iPad Pro and Surface Pro, respectively. That's why there will no longer be the second generation of your Pixel Slate. Although it is not that many users will miss it.

Google says goodbye to the business of tablets with ChromeOS, goodbye to Pixel Slate
Google says goodbye to the business of tablets with ChromeOS, farewell to Pixel Slate.

Goodbye to Pixel Slate, Google's tablet

At the end of 2018, Google introduced its Pixel Slate. A tablet that with Chrome OS and a keyboard that could be put and removed, sought to offer an alternative solution to both the iPad and the Surface Pro. It was not a bad idea, its design had its appeal and at the hardware level was not bad either product, but the experience of use did not convince.

In numerous analyzes that were made of the device, the ratings were not positive at all. It did not work correctly, Chrome OS felt inadequate, there were no better applications and, together with the delays suffered, everything seemed to indicate that it had not been a great idea. Still, Google did, opted for the product, and unfortunately, it went wrong.

Rick Osterloh, head of the hardware division within the company, has now confirmed that they effectively stop making tablets. In this way, the teams assigned to these projects are relocated, and the company will focus efforts on laptops with ChromeOS and PixelBook, which as a hardware product does seem to be a more robust and future-oriented bet.

However, current users of a Pixel Slate will continue to receive software and security updates, but if anyone was waiting for a second generation to solve the problems of the first one, they might forget it. Moreover, as we said, it has been known that two new products under development have been canceled directly this week.

The latter does not imply that other manufacturers stop launching tablets based on Chrome OS. After gaining support for this type of device, brands like HP or Acer do seem to start their own products. Let's see how they come out.

What is clear is that the hardware business is very complicated. Google has not yet hit the key that allows it to gain weight in the market. Their Google Pixels are excellent phones, but they also do not achieve that big pull in sales. What's more, neither the smart speakers nor the rest of Google Home / Nest products are standing out.

For the financial muscle capable of handling Google, not doing well is not a big problem. But facing the user, kill proposals such as Pixel Slate the only thing it does is to reduce confidence against future bets. Hopefully, now, all that effort can be better focused on making phones and laptops with traditional design but based on Chrome OS that demonstrates that they can be relevant in hardware issues as well.

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