Apple will present AirPods 3 at the end of the year. They get the desired function of soundproofing the surroundings.

Apple sold over 35 million wireless headphones last year, expecting, even more, this year.

Apple's introduction of AirPods wireless headphones has received great ovation, great design, and feature handling. The second generation, which was introduced this year, was a bit weaker - Apple didn't bring the news fans expected.

Those who resisted buying the first generation and just waiting for the other were perhaps the most disappointed.

But perhaps we could wait for the compensation at the end of this year. Today, DigiTimes has brought interesting information that the third generation of Apple AirPods is actively working behind the company's walls.

To date, Apple has kept the two leading companies behind the previous generation. Therefore, processing can be expected to be the same. Although DigiTimes did not disclose too much information, they said that third-generation AirPods would include fans expected to be noise-shielding.

Other sources also say that Apple should also introduce headphones in black, after which a large percentage of people also desire.

Apple is really fruitful in wireless headphones. More than 35 million units were sold last year, accounting for about 75% of the market. It is expected that this year this figure could rise to 50 million units sold.